2001 Caribbean Cruise

Cruise number 3, 2nd on Princess

after this cruise our days on Princess will be 14, on all cruises 21

Happened in April 2001

Time since cruise 19 years 5 months 16 days

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Day Time Activity Overnight
Day 1 (Sun) 4/08morning
Drive to Ft. Lauderdale
Depart from Ft. Lauderdale
Grand Princess
Day 2 (Mon) 4/09all dayat seaGrand Princess
Day 3 (Tue) 4/10all dayat seaGrand Princess
Day 4 (Wed) 4/110700 - 1800St. Thomas, USVIGrand Princess
Day 5 (Thur) 4/120700 - 1700St. MaartenGrand Princess
Day 6 (Fri) 4/13all dayat seaGrand Princess
Day 7 (Sat) 4/140800 - 1500Princess CaysGrand Princess
Day 8 (Sun) 4/15morning
Disembark the Grand Princess
Drive to Clearwater


Here is the movie for this cruise. I originally mastered it on VHS Tape, then ripped that to include it here.
It was my second cruise movie. And remember that the camera had no stabilization.

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