2004 Trans Atlantic Cruise

Cruise number 8, 2nd on Celebrity

after this cruise our days on Celebrity will be 26, on all cruises 80

Happened in September 2004

Time since cruise 16 years 0 months 24 days

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Day Time Activity Overnight
Day 1 (Thur) 9/212:54-14:24
Delta 1709 from Tampa to Atlanta
Delta 8 from Atlanta to London - Gatwick
on plane
Day 2 (Fri) 9/306:05
Arrive at Gatwick Airport(North Terminal)
Train from airport to town (Victoria Station)
Sightseeing London
London Visitor TravelCard
Travel by Tube (map)
London Official Web
Sheraton Park Lane
Day 3 (Sat) 9/4all daySightseeing London
The Mousetrap at St. Martins Theatre
Buckingham Palace Guard Change
Buckingham Palace on the Web
Sheraton Park Lane
Day 4 (Sun) 9/5all daySightseeing LondonSheraton Park Lane
Day 5 (Mon) 9/6all daySightseeing LondonSheraton Park Lane
Day 6 (Tue) 9/709:00
Depart Victoria Station for Dover
Board the Celebrity Constellation
Constellation 6135
Day 7 (Wed) 9/807:00-23:00
Le Havre (Paris), France
Shore Excursion to Normandy
Constellation 6135
Day 8 (Thur) 9/9all dayat seaConstellation 6135
Day 9 (Fri) 9/1007:00-18:00Cork, IrelandConstellation 6135
Day 10 (Sat) 9/1108:00-19:00Belfast, N. IrelandConstellation 6135
Day 11 (Sun) 9/12all dayat seaConstellation 6135
Day 12 (Mon) 9/13all dayat seaConstellation 6135
Day 13 (Tue) 9/1407:00-17:00Reykjavik, IcelandConstellation 6135
Day 14 (Wed) 9/15all dayat seaConstellation 6135
Day 15 (Thur) 9/16all dayat seaConstellation 6135
Day 16 (Fri) 9/17all dayat seaConstellation 6135
Day 17 (Sat) 9/18all dayat seaConstellation 6135
Day 18 (Sun) 9/19all dayat seaConstellation 6135
Day 19 (Mon) 9/2007:00
New York
Westin Essex House on Central Park
Day 20 (Tue) 9/2112:50-15:30Song 1992 from Kennedy to Tampa

Important Information
Reservation ID - 5371508
Ship Name - Celebrity Constellation
Stateroom - 6135 (Penthouse Deck)
Emergency Contact Phone - Dial 1-877-266-1020


I found the movie for this cruise. For reasons I don't remember, it is in two parts. Here is the first part.

And here is the second part.

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