2010 Europe - Baltic Cruise

Cruise number 14, 8th on Princess

after this cruise our days on Princess will be 89, on all cruises 151

Happened in August 2010

Time since cruise 10 years 1 months 14 days

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map of entire cruise map of denmark map of gulf of finland map of st petersburg russia
   Baltic Map       Denmark      Gulf of Finland    St. Petersburg

Emergency Contact Information


Day Time Activity Overnight
Day 1 (Sun) 8/081430 - 1608
1815 -
TPA to ATL, Delta 1772 (2C/2D) (757-406 mi)
ATL to CPH, Delta 68 (4A/4B) (767-4588 mi)
on plane
Day 2 (Mon) 8/09- 0925
Arrive Copenhagen,  Denmark  (official web)
wiki,  cruising
Radisson Blu Falconer Hotel
Day 3 (Tue) 8/101300 - 1700Board the Star Princess
(Pier 245 (Frihavnen) - Freeport)
Star Princess D630
Day 4 (Wed) 8/11all dayat seaStar Princess D630
Day 5 (Thur) 8/121000 - 1700Stockholm, Sweden
wiki,sightseeing, HOHO Map
Star Princess D630
Day 6 (Fri) 8/131000 - 1800Helsinki, Finland
sightseeing, HOHO Map
Star Princess D630
Day 7 (Sat) 8/140630

0730 - 1230
1330 - 1730
Arrive St. Petersburg, Russia
Peterhof Palace / Gardens
Rasputin: Yusupov Palace, Aurora And Peter&Paul
Star Princess D630
Day 8 (Sun) 8/150745 - 1115
1400 - 1730
Easy St. Petersburg
St. Petersburg River & Canal Cruise
Depart St. Petersburg, Russia
Star Princess D630
Day 9 (Mon) 8/160700 - 1300Tallinn, Estonia
Walking Tour
Star Princess D630
Day 10 (Tue) 8/170900 - 1600Gdynia, PolandStar Princess D630
Day 11 (Wed) 8/180800 - 2200Warnemunde, Germany
Rental Car Driving to Berlin map
Berlin Tourism
Star Princess D630
Day 12 (Thur) 8/191130 - 1800
Helsingborg, Sweden
Arrive Copenhagen, Denmark
Star Princess D630
Day 13 (Fri) 8/200800 - 1000
Disembark Star Princess
Travel to Aarhus, Denmark
Aarhus, DK
Day 14 (Sat) 8/21all dayChillin in AarhusAarhus, DK
Day 15 (Sun) 8/22all dayChillin in AarhusAarhus, DK
Day 16 (Mon) 8/23all dayTravel back to CopenhagenHilton Airport Hotel
Day 17 (Tue) 8/241115 - 1510
1740 - 1912
CPH to ATL, Delta 69 (21A/21B) (767-4588 mi)
ATL to TPA, Delta 1291 (27B/27C) (757-406 mi)

Emergency Contact Information
emergency contact information
Ship = Star Princess
Cabin Number = D630

Here's the movie. This is my second movie with an HD camera.

Map of the cruise route

map of cruise route

Summary of our booking

cruise booking summary

The Star Princess

picture of the boat

Cabin Layout

picture of our room


Stockholm, HOHO Bus Routes
picture of stockholm bus route


Helsinki, HOHO Bus Route
picture of helsinki bus route


Peterhof Palace & Gardens
shore excursion for peterhof palace


Rasputin: Yusupov Palace, Cruiser Aurora and Peter & Paul Fortress
shore excursion for rasputin palace


Easy St. Petersburg
shore excursion for st petersburg


St. Petersburg River & Canal Cruise
shore excursion for st petersburg river


Driving From Warnemunde to Berlin
driving map to berlin



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