2013 Hawaii Cruise

Cruise number 17, 10th on Princess

after this cruise our days on Princess will be 117, on all cruises 190

Happened in February 2013

Time since cruise 7 years 7 months 22 days

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Day Time Activity Overnight
Day 1 (Fri) 2/011300-1511
Delta 1503  TPA-CVG  A320-775 miles  2H 11M
Delta 1833  CVG-LAX  A320-1895 miles  4H 53M
Day 2 (Sat) 2/020900-1200
Transfer to port
Check In San Pedro Pier 93 (info)
Depart Los Angeles
Sapphire Princess - E728
Day 3 (Sun) 2/03all dayat seaSapphire Princess - E728
Day 4 (Mon) 2/04all dayat seaSapphire Princess - E728
Day 5 (Tue) 2/05all dayat seaSapphire Princess - E728
Day 6 (Wed) 2/06all dayat seaSapphire Princess - E728
Day 7 (Thur) 2/070700

Arrive Honolulu
North Shore
Surf Forecast
Polynesian Cultural Center
Depart Honolulu
Sapphire Princess - E728
Day 8 (Fri) 2/080700
1200 - 1400

Arrive Lahaina (tender)
Whale Watching
Pacific Whale Foundation
Depart Lahaina
Sapphire Princess - E728
Day 9 (Sat) 2/090800

Hanalei Town
Wailua Falls
Depart Kauai
Sapphire Princess - E728
Day 10 (Sun) 2/100900
Arrive Hilo
Mauna Kea
Hawaii Belt Road
Saddle Road
Mauna Kea Access Road
Depart Hilo
Sapphire Princess - E728
Day 11 (Mon) 2/11all dayat seaSapphire Princess - E728
Day 12 (Tue) 2/12all dayat seaSapphire Princess - E728
Day 13 (Wed) 2/13all dayat seaSapphire Princess - E728
Day 14 (Thur) 2/14all dayat seaSapphire Princess - E728
Day 15 (Fri) 2/151600-2000Ensenada, MXSapphire Princess - E728
Day 16 (Sat) 2/160700Arrive Los Angeles
Transfer to Encino
Day 17 (Sun) 2/17all dayChillin in EncinoHyphy-House
Day 18 (Mon) 2/181300-1841
Delta 2020 LAX-MEM  A320-1614 miles  3H 41M
Delta 1965 MEM-TPA  A319-656 miles  1H 50M

Here is the movie. You will notice it is mostly about the whale watch.
I didn't plan it that way, but it worked out that way. Enjoy.

The Sapphire Princess

picture of the boat

Picture of our room.

picture of our room

Location of our room on the deck plan (aft section)

the deck plan showing our room

Whale Watching

discussion of whale watching adventure


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