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April 30, 2010 - Flight to Atlanta to meet Isabelle

Isabelle Vera Nielsen-Refs was born on April 25, 2010, and I had the good fortune to meet and visit with her this weekend.  I flew up on Friday afternoon, in IMC for most of the flight and in rain for a while.  I'll post more stuff on Isabelle soon, but this is about that particular flight.  You can see from the flight log where I was in rain, and the portion of the flight before that was in the clouds.

 flight path to atlanta

But, more important, this flight was number 698 in my log, and is the flight during which I passed 1000 hours of pilot experience.  If I assume that my average flying speed has been around 130 knots (150 mph), then I have covered about 130,000 nautical miles (150,000 statute miles) in my nine years of flying.  I've been as far west as Phoenix, AZ; as far north as Duluth, MN; and as far to the northeast as Allentown, PA.  I have compiled the places that I have flown to and noted them on a Google Earth map.  Actually there are three maps below, the first of all locations, the second of the southeast, and the third of just Florida.

destinations for first 1000 flights

destinations for first 100 flightsd in southeast

destinations for first 1000 flights in florida

My return flight on Sunday was uneventful except for the headwinds, which at times were higher than 40 knots.  Here is the log of that flight.

flight path from atlanta