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June 7, 2011 - My New Truck

Earlier this year, I decided to get a new pick-up to replace my 10 year old Explorer.  Starting in February, I got sales literature and did other research to define the features that I wanted.  One of the features I was pretty sure of was a newly developed turbo-boosted V6 engine.  Ford was not yet making trucks with this engine, so I waited until some had been delivered to dealers before ordering.  On April 5, I spent the afternoon with Irene, a salesperson at Walker Ford, specifying a new pick-up for me.  They submitted the order the next day; the truck was scheduled to be built on May 6, which it was;  and it was moved from the factory to a holding area for a spray-in bedliner early the next week.  Unfortunately, it waited there for nearly two weeks until a number of trucks were ready for the bedliner.  Finally it was loaded on a train car for transportation to Jacksonville, and then to a car hauler for the final trip to Clearwater.

I took delivery this afternoon.

picture of my new truck