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March 11, 2012 - Progressivism and Conservatism Explained

I've followed Bill Whittle for the last couple of years.  He does political commentary for PJTV and he is a pilot of a small airplane.  In my opinion, he also explains political things so that I can understand them.  Today, I stumbled upon a couple of videos made in August of 2011, in which Bill explains progressives and conservatives in a way that made sense to me.  It will take a little over an hour to watch both of these, and I suggest that you pick a time when you can devote that hour without interruption.  I believe that this is important stuff.  I hope you will watch them.

February 2020 - I've just watched these two videos again, and after almost 10 years, the the points made by Bill are still valid. If you stumble on this page, I encourage you to find the time and watch these, while there is still time left.