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May 7, 2016 - Trip to Asheville

My sister, Doris, retired not long ago, and has always liked hiking in the North Carolina mountains. She has made numerous short trips up there for day hikes and to visit people she knows in the area around Asheville, in the western part of the state. At a dinner we had together in late April, she told me she had bought a condo unit a little south of Asheville, and would be moving a lot of her stuff there at the beginning of May. She also asked if I would drive the truck full of her stuff. I agreed to do that.

She had rented a Penske truck, and she and Mike had filled it with "stuff" from their old house, which was on the market. I parked my pickup at their house and took off toward I-75. About 13 and a half hours and 630 miles later I was in the condo parking lot carrying the stuff into her condo. After finishing that, we had a good dinner, watched hockey on the TV, and the next day, I flew back to Tampa to retrieve my pickup and get home.

Before leaving, I got a short video of her new place.