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September 17, 2016 - A Great Day

Some days just start out better than others. Some days start crummy and get better, some start crummy and stay that way, and some start pretty good and go south. Today, for me, is starting out fantastically.

For background, let's look at yesterday. It started pretty good, but then I went to check email on my desktop computer, and found that a windoze process to check the hard disk had run overnight and the machine wanted a restart to finish the process. It would not restart. I got error messages about a disk problem and a windoze problem, but it would not start up. I tried a trick to force a good start, unsuccessfully, and then I went to the emergency disks I had made 4 years ago. The first emergency disk worked, but all it would do is restore from the last full disk image I had made a couple of months ago, and I didn't want to do that just yet. The second emergency disk worked as well, and this one allowed me to do a full virus scan, a file system check, and a disk sector check. I did each of these tests, which found no virus, a couple of file system errors, and a few bad sectors on the disk, but they took a total of about 7 hours to complete. In the end, the machine did successfully start windoze 10 and I was back in business.

This morning, the machine seems to be working normally, which makes it a good day already. I see that the stock market was up a little for the week, so I'm a little better off that last week. I've set up two new learning experiences that I can pursue over the next several weeks, learning a new programming language and watching to a series of 30 lectures about the history of philosophy from ancient times (500 BC) to the nineteenth century. This should help me understand why people of today have the philosophic outlook that they have, which I have not been able to understand yet. And it is another good college football Saturday, including the 3rd ranked Buckeyes playing at number 14 Oklahoma this evening. That should be a good game to watch. And finally, the World Cup of Hockey starts today with both the United States and Canada in different games. It will be good to watch some hockey after the long summer without any.

And, by the way, the weather here is sunny and bright without a cloud in the sky. And the forecast looks the same for tomorrow, so I will be out on the water in my boat. Then next week, I'll be packing for a trip to Copenhagen and a visit with Kristie and her family for a couple of weeks.

So I conclude that today is a great day, and is just the start of a great week and a great month. Who wouldn't want to be me.