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September 23 to October 10, 2016 - Two Weeks in Copenhagen

It had been nearly a year since I visited Kristoffer, Kristie and the kids in Copenhagen. So Patty and I flew from Tampa to New York to Amsterdam to Copenhagen for a couple of weeks there. Are were in good health and good spirits, and a year older.

All four kids are in some form of school, so mornings were chaotic, but the middle of the day was most relaxing. Then after school, the chaos started again until bedtime. I spent a good bit of time studying stuff on my laptop. Patty stayed busy with stuff around the house. We did have one day where we picked up the youngest from his school and brought him home. He wasn't feeling well, but it was no big problem. One evening, Kristoffer hosted one of his brothers, his dad and me at a FC Copenhagen game. We also watched a game at a local bar. There were other projects around the house, and what seemed like a daily trip to the local market for food. Near the end of the trip, we all spent an afternoon at a nearby park for family photos.

I did get some video. About 13:19 into the video, Lukas takes a knock to his head. Let it run and you'll see it again in slow motion. The wood was not permanently damaged.