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November 1, 2016 - Eye Surgery

One day, more than twenty years ago, I decided to ditch the glasses I had been wearing since third grade and start with contact lenses. I had good luck with them for all of that time, but had not had an eye exam for some years, and my supply of new lenses was really low. So I found a local eye doctor, to get a new prescription.

After the mechanics of the exam, I saw the doctor, and he said that magic word - cataracts. He would not give a new prescription until I had that taken care of. Fortunately there is a really good eye institute in the area, and we scheduled the work to be done. A week ago, we did my left eye, and today it was the right eye. I won't explain the whole procedure, but there is a small laser cut to the lens sac, through which the old lens is removed and a new lens is inserted. Recovery is pretty quick, and now, things are brighter and the correct color, and my left eye measures 20/20.

I'm pretty happy about the whole thing. The big thing is much better sight; another advantage is no glasses and no contacts.