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Why We Fly - 19 May 2017

While looking through my daily data feeds (InstaGram, Twitter, Facebook), I was directed to this short video. It shows an "instrument approach" to an airport in New Zealand. An instrument approach is used by pilots to line up to a runway that you cannot see, mostly because of weather conditions. It uses radio signals shown on instruments in the cockpit to direct the plane to the runway. This video has a caption "...sometimes what a pilot sees in a day, people won't see in their lifetimes...". I remember doing an instrument approach to the airport in Duluth, MN, after flying through rain for an hour, and being directed 50 miles east of the airport, and then descending from 10,000 feet down to about 1,000 feet before I could even see the ground, lined up perfectly with the runway. This may not be exactly "why" we fly, but it is a very cool thing that pilots do that others don't. It made me smile when this pilot drops out of the cloud and the runway is right in front of him.