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New Truck Delivery - 8 December 2017

For several reasons, I decided a couple of months ago to buy a new truck. The official order date was 10-October-2017, which was after a few weeks of investigation and decision- making. On Tuesday, 5-December, I was notified that the truck was at the local Ford dealer. I also ordered three dealer installed options, so we set the official delivery date for Friday, 8-December, after those options were installed. Here's what it looks like. There are more details below the picture.

picture of new truck

Some of the reasons for buying a new truck. There were some features that I wanted that were not available when I bought the old truck. These included: WI-FI in the truck, power-deployable running boards, LED headlights and taillights, trailer backup assist, blind spot indicators, and bed lighting. There were also some features that were available, that I chose to not get, including: moon roof and 4-wheel-drive. The 4WD was an important factor because I have seen a lot of videos showing tow vehicles sliding down boat ramps into the water, and I didn't want that to happen to me. I'm planning to tow my boat to other boating places around the state.