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Family Reunion - 10 February 2018

Display date 26-Sep-2020

I have one sister that divides time between Tampa and Fletcher, NC, and another sister that lives in Langhorne, PA. My local sister and I get together a few times a year, whenever we want to. But my distant sister and I can only get together at planned times, and there have not been many of those in the last number of years. So, it was a special time this year when she and her husband had an opportunity to attend a conference in Orlando, and they decided to come over and visit with me for a couple of days before going to the conference. We had a nice dinner on Friday evening, a few hours out in my boat on Saturday, and we all went to see the Lightning play in the evening. The Lightning came through with a win, and we hung around for a bit to get this picture before leaving the arena. I'm hoping that we can do this more often in the future.

family picture