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Helpful Information about this web site.

This is a personal web site, containing stuff I think is of interest to my family and my friends. There are three main columns of stuff - Cruises, Happenings and Other Links.

Cruises - I have taken or will take the cruises listed.  There are sometimes hyperlinks listed on the cruise itinerary pages.  I have not maintained these after the cruise is done, so many of them no longer work.  Over time, I will clean them up and also attach photos and video clips.

Happenings - These are out of the ordinary things that I have done, often flying destinations, but not always.  The items often include photos of the event or the people.  Not everything that I do gets a mention here, just things that are in some way special to me.

Other Links - There is a link to the National Weather Service weather radar for Tampa, so I can get a quick view of the weather picture. There is a link to the Spaghetti Models website, which has weather information, specifically about hurricanes in season. There are a number of links to old photos from 2004 to 2008, mostly about flying. There is a link to a page that shows three videos about the Cirrus Parachute. There is a link to some Honeywell Retiree Club documents that you will have to register to see (not for the general public). There is a link to a page of weather information compiled from instruments in my back yard. And finally, there are some links that I use to play with.

Comments and recommendations about this site can be directed to me at .

Updated 06-Jan-2017