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February 15, 2013 - Cruise to Hawaii and Back

Cruise number 17, to Hawaii and back, is complete, and here are a couple of cool things about that trip.  It was our 17th cruise, which totals 190 days on cruise boats.  It was our 5th time in Hawaii, but only the fourth cruise there.  The other time was an OAUG (Oracle Application User Group) convention in Honolulu.  Two of the cruises were from Los Angeles, one originated in Tahiti, and the very first one was an inter-island cruise.  This one was chosen because of the whale watching season, and it did not disappoint in that regard.  Below, there is a thumbnail picture of the route (click it to see the full sized picture) and a link to the ship's log of the cruise.  According to the log, the cruise covered 5134 nautical miles, or 5904 statute miles.

Log of the Cruise